G1 Stage


15m wide, quad arched, stage. This stage is usually ground pinned and can have a low steel decking stage inside or can be used as a venue itself. Good rigging and decor potential. It could be raised on a larger deck for greater stage height. Rear stage scrim available.


This stage has been used as a dj stage and as a bar structure as well as live stage at Glastonbury Festival, Global Gathering, Lovebox and Glade festival.



G1 stage on decking
G1 stage on decking 2
Glastonbury festival bar
Glade festival 1
Avalon bars and events
Glasto G1 stage
Play the field
Portishead G1 stage
Other stage field Glastonbury
Glade bar
Glade Glastonbury
G1 Glastonbury
G1 stage view
G1 build
G1 stage on cuplock deck during build
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